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Tour Lengh: 1/2 DAY
Tour code: SGO-S100
Price from: TBA
Travel dates: Private daily departure
Country visited: Vietnam
Vietnam – American War passed over several decades but it is still hard to explain how the event of the Tet Offensive in 1968 had happened. All major cities in the South of Vietnam were under attack by PAVN (People’s Army of Vietnam) and localVC (South Vietnamese Revolutionaries); Saigon was shaken and became well known around the globe when The US Embassy in Saigon, Saigon Radio Station, Tan Son Nhat Air Base and the Republic of Vietnam Navy Headquarter were attacked at midnight on January 31, 1968.

This event was a turning point to make way for Paris Peace Accords signing among Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), Republic of Vietnam (SouthVietnam), Provisional Revolutionary Government and the United States of Americain 1973. In contribution to this great success was the special force which was unknown to the public - The Saigon Commando.

Join us to unveil the secrets of Saigon Commando’s life and activities, to hear thestories from their relatives and comrades who have been side by side with them from war to peace. They have the reason to be proud of their fathers, uncles andaunts who laid down for their motherland

Our guide and driver will pick you up at yourhotel/meeting point then we start the tour.

Our first stop is Pho Binh, a noodle soup shopon Ly Chinh Thang Street. The special thing ofthis normal-looking shop is the second floorused to host secret meetings of commandos,the No.6 Battalion for strategies and tactical plans on Tet Offensive campaign in 1968. The family business is still on selling noddle soupand the youngest son of this family is happily sharing the story of his family during that hard time as this shop were recognized as one of the headquarters of Saigon Commando.

Later on enjoy a short walking to Cafe Do Phu,this 2 floor coffee shop has the original Saigon architectural style in 1960s with extended roofportion where were rooms for commando to live in those days while the ground and first floor were business sectors.We also view the hidden safety wall where facilities were kept to support their political activities
Next we take a short drive to Saigon Zoo tovisit Nhan Huong Quan, a little restaurant located inside Saigon Zoo. The business wererun by Commando in order to get as muchimportant information as possible from theirclients, the Republic of Vietnam’s Officials and American MPs who used to have lunch anddinner here.

Further down to the main road, a photo stopto the US General Consulate comes next, toview the memorial site of Sappers who attacked the US Embassy in 1968. Then we visit other monument on Nguyen Du Street

Last but not least, the most interesting place of this tour is Cafe Do Phu and Com Tam Dai Han on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street which was the storage a large scale of weapons. We go down the tunnel via a tiny entranceonground floor to witness the weaponstoragethen climb up a tiny staircase to second floor to view commando’s room. Interact with the house owner to acknowledge more about how they lived and carried out the missiontoend Vietnam War.

We finish our trip here and enjoy lunch at the same place before our guide drops you off at the meeting place.
Tour cost
780,000 VND per person for minimum group of 2 pax

Tour cost included:
  • Private transport
  • English speaking guide
  • Lunch
  • Admission fees
  • Bottled water

Tour cost excluded:
  • Personal expenses
  • Services not mentioned above
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